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Meet the Leading Fence Company in Jacksonville, FL

Complete your American dream home with the perfect white picket backyard fences. We offer professional fence installation in Jacksonville FL in all styles, all year.

Best Fence Company in Jacksonville, FL – The Name of Excellence

Wood Fence Specialist in FL

We are a better fencing company that offers affordable and high-quality fence repair in Jacksonville, FL. We are professionals in the fencing field with 15 years of industry experience. Our team has a lead carpenter who’s a wood fence specialist. You can take us with your fencing needs, and we make sure to build a fence you’ve always dreamed of at better prices.

We can build and repair wooden fences, vinyl fences, or aluminum fences around new and established homes. We’ll work with your homeowner’s association to ensure your fence abides by their rules and specifications.
Get your fencing done right with us today.

Call us at (904) 352-3096 for a free estimate.

Best fence company in Jacksonville, Fl
Proud Member of
American Fence Association

When our affordable fence in Jacksonville FL goes up, fears go down

Choose our sturdy wood fence installation and shield your terrain.

As you walk down to your mailbox, you notice a pile of unpleasantness gracing your front lawn. The neighbor’s dog has done its business on your lawn again. That wouldn’t have happened if you had a secure fence around your property.

Whether you want a fence to keep neighbors’ pets off your lawn or to give your family more privacy, Bibb’s Fencing LLC can build the fence you need. 

Our experienced fence contractors work at homes and businesses in Jacksonville, FL. Little by little, we’re making Florida fences great again. 

We are on a mission to increase the curb appeal and property value by installing security fences in different styles and colors.

Reach out to us today to discuss your fence installation needs with a Jacksonville, FL fence contractor.

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We Can Build Any Type of Fence in Jacksonville, FL

When you hire us to build your fence, don’t expect us to use panels. Every fence we install is custom built to fit the needs of your property.

We can install all kinds of fences, including:

Wood Fences

Are you looking to have stunning custom wood fences on your property? Don’t have the time to do it yourself? We can do the job for you. We offer professional wood fence manufacturing, installation, and wood fence repair services to improve the appearance of your property. We can offer you customized fences according to your preferences and in the shades you choose. Give your neighbors a reason to yearn for a house like yours.

Vinyl Fences

We build top-quality vinyl fences to secure your home. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property with vinyl fencing panels without breaking your budget. Turn to us for professional vinyl fence installation and vinyl fence repair in Jacksonville, FL. We give you the fencing you need in order to create boundaries to secure your house from potential threats and dangers.

Aluminum Fences

Fencing is important, and we master in building residential aluminum fences in a variety of designs to suit your house. Whether you need to install pressed spear aluminum fencing or a flat-top aluminum fence, we have all the options. Share your desired aluminum fence ideas and let us install the ideal barrier for your backyard, garden, small ranch, or swimming pool.

From perimeter fences to pool gates, you can trust us to use top-quality materials. We work on one fence at a time to make sure your project gets our undivided attention. We can even repair damaged fences. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. We offer free estimates and a workmanship warranty.

Why Hire Bibb’s Fencing in Jacksonville, FL?

All you need is a strong fence with a good design to protect your house and add value to your building. We know that installing a fence is way more than digging postholes and fixing boards together. That’s why we offer unique and proven fence installation methods to guarantee years of durability.

Bibb’s fencing has earned a good reputation in providing distinctive and affordable fence installation, fence building, and fence repair in Jacksonville, Fl. We are a creative fencing company in Jacksonville, Florida, whose top priority is your protection.

We are the fencing king who install strong fences that are 100% made with pure wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Our sturdy and stylish fences are manufactured, fabricated, and installed by experienced professionals.

Many of our clients are so happy with the excellent customer service we provide and recommend us to their friends and family.

Our service offerings include:

  • Timely construction and installation
  • Courteous and Genuine provider
  • Reasonably Priced

We are the go-to fencing company in Jacksonville, FL operating with the expertise to get the fencing job done right the first time.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. We offer free estimates and a workmanship warranty.

We believe in the strength of our fences. Do you?

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Your backyard needs strong and beautiful fences

We seek to keep your property secure and beautiful by providing durable, exceptional, and nice-looking fences in different styles and colors. We can customize your fences as per your requirements to give a new life to your backyard, garden, or commercial space.

From perimeter fences to pool gates, you can trust us to use top-quality materials. We work on one fence at a time to make sure your project gets our undivided attention.

Skip the guesswork, and share the design of your fence with us. We will build the best fence that fits your budget.